Mad As Hell won a Logie! And is Back!

The cast with their 2016 Logie for Mad As HellAfter what seems like an eternity (actually one whole year), Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell is back for season 6, each Wednesday for the next 12 weeks.

And it’s back after winning the 2016 Most Outstanding Comedy Logie award!

All the cast from last season is back, although Stephen may disappear towards the end due to his Fawlty Towers stage show commitments.

It’s going to be an interesting season, as this is the first to run during an election campaign. Feel pity for the writers and cast, who will have to be changing and re-learning lines as the election cycle ramps up.

For us, it’s going to be exactly what we need on TV.

Catching up on the news

It has been fairly quiet on Shaun news in the past few months, but with Mad As Hell back on our screens in less than 2 weeks (May 11th), it’s time to catch up on a few tidbits. So here’s the run down:

AACTA award for Mad As Hell

Late last year, Mad As Hell won an AACTA award for “Best Television Comedy Series” (which is slightly ironic, considering the ABC fund it via Light Entertainment department, which is why it only got one season last year!) Previously, Shaun won an AACTA for his performance, but this is the first for the show itself.

Logie Nomination

Mad As Hell has also been nominated for the Most Outstanding Comedy award at the Australian TV awards, the Logies. This is an industry voted award, but it’s still tough competition, with Utopia also nominated.

The awards ceremony is on May 8th.

Sucker It And See

Comedian Lawrence Leung took his successful stage show about a young Asian-Australian turning against all of his parents expectations to become a travelling conman, and made it into a movie.

In Sucker, Shaun plays Harry, a small cameo role of a bug-eyed second-hand record store proprietor.

The movie had a small release, and got mixed reviews, but if it has your interest (even to see Shaun), it is now available on DVD, iTunes, and Netflix (if you’re in the US).

No Logies, but a Molkie

Shaun winning a Logie in 2002As previously reported, when all of the networks had to nominate their stars for the TV Week Logie “Most Popular” awards this year, Shaun was forgotten by both the ABC (for Mad As) and Channel Ten (for Mr & Mrs Murder), so became ineligible for voting by us, the loyal viewers.

To add insult to injury, neither Shaun or Mad As Hell were nominated in the “Most Outstanding” category, which is industry voted, although this is partly because comedy falls under the “Light Entertainment” category, so Mad As Hell was in competition with shows like The Voice. So basically, unless Shaun is a presenter – don’t bother with the Logies this year.

However, Shaun did win the Gold Molkie – an award given out by the readers/visitors to Molks TV Talk, one of the most popular Australian TV blog sites. It was Shaun’s third win in 3 years, and with 42% of the vote – a very convincing one. Mad As Hell also won “Best In Show”, a testament to the quality of the show, especially this season.

Shaun misses out on Logie nominations

Shaun with his 2010 LogieIt’s nearly Logies time again, the annual Australian TV awards, with this year’s ceremony set for Sunday April 27th.

There may have been two shows on our TVs last year with Shaun in them, but neither Channel Ten or the ABC remembered to nominate Shaun for either Most Popular Presenter or Most Popular Male Actor, despite nearly every other personality being on the list. Furthermore, Mr & Mrs Murder was left off the list for Most Popular Drama!

So only Mad As Hell has a chance at a popular award, and only if you vote. Voting closes tomorrow (Sunday).

There’s still a chance either Mr & Mrs Murder or Mad As Hell could win a “most outstanding” award, which is industry voted. Last year, Mad As Hell was nominated but lost to… The X Factor?!

Shaun to present at the 2012 Logies

Shaun will be one of the presenters at this year’s Australian Television awards night, the Logies. Most likely it will be presenting one or two awards, like he has in the last few years, rather than full hosting duties like in 2001.

The bad news is Shaun himself is not up for any awards, and TAYG is only up for one – Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program.

The awards will be on April 15.

Shaun at the 2011 Logies

Well, unfortunately, Shaun or Your Gen didn’t win in any of their nominated categories.

But we did get a few great moments from Mr Micallef. During a ‘Logie Minute’, he and Stephen Curry had fun at each other’s expense (with some comment made about Shaun’s loud shirt) and at Richard Wilkins. Shaun was introduced as a ‘national treasure’ before he presented the Silver Logies for Most Popular Male and Female Actress. He relished the opportunity to relate these Logies to be like Andre Reiu – not necessarily the best, but the most loved.

Silver nomination for Shaun

This year Shaun has a nomination for the Silver Logie for Most Popular Presenter. I have no idea how he missed out on the Gold Logie nomination (especially given some of the other nominees! – oooh, bitchy!)

Anyway, let’s hope he can made it 2 years in a row!

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation is up for Most Popular and Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program.

The awards are on Sunday, May 1st.