Shaun misses out on Logie nominations

Shaun with his 2010 LogieIt’s nearly Logies time again, the annual Australian TV awards, with this year’s ceremony set for Sunday April 27th.

There may have been two shows on our TVs last year with Shaun in them, but neither Channel Ten or the ABC remembered to nominate Shaun for either Most Popular Presenter or Most Popular Male Actor, despite nearly every other personality being on the list. Furthermore, Mr & Mrs Murder was left off the list for Most Popular Drama!

So only Mad As Hell has a chance at a popular award, and only if you vote. Voting closes tomorrow (Sunday).

There’s still a chance either Mr & Mrs Murder or Mad As Hell could win a “most outstanding” award, which is industry voted. Last year, Mad As Hell was nominated but lost to… The X Factor?!

3 thoughts to “Shaun misses out on Logie nominations”

  1. my friend Telvin Hilarious Bearious has instructed me to put it to you that Alan Joyce is Barnaby Joyce’s idiot brother. is this correct or is it the other way around ? what say you my learned friend/acquaintance/colleague/comrade ?

  2. Saw a poster for Monument Men inthe city this morning. Thought it was a parody ad for Micallef. On closer inspection, it was just self-aprodying, but must commend Clooney for excellent impersonation of Micallef “doing” Clooney

  3. And in this week’s episode of Mad As Hell, Shaun did his parody of George – well prophesied!

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