Preview of Mad As Hell, 22nd June 2012

I was lucky enough to see another taping of Mad As Hell, and have a few previews to whet your appetite!

Poor Shaun fluffed his opening monologue most of the way through 3 times, and Tosh had some tongue twisting lines which forced Shaun to say “gusset” more times than I can remember!

There was a very clever debate on gay marriage (the cast were all excellent), a look at how the media can ‘hound’ their stories and a look at Gina Rinehart through the lens of pop culture.

Shaun held another real interview with the star of Queen Leer, Robyn Nevin, which was so post-modern, I couldn’t tell if it was going to be shown as is or to be re-recorded later.

I loved a segment they shot, which may have just been in-case of topical material changing later in the week, called Hey No Nanny, all about whether Shaun felt particular elements in our society were making us too much of a “nanny state” – the graphic alone is worth seeing.

I thought it was the best show yet.

Oh, and we found out at least one source for the names of the reporters – Carrington Mews is apparently an area in Adelaide!

Thank you Verity.

4 thoughts to “Preview of Mad As Hell, 22nd June 2012”

  1. I think you’ll find, if you watch the episode, that I didn’t mess up any of my lines and that this blog amounts to nothing but slander. That said, I have moved on from the show and will now be touring shopping centres with my new one man show, Begging for Change in the Food Court. Anyone that tells you I’ve been fired is a liar.

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