Short Shaun stories

Shaun, not usually known for being one who’s internet-focussed, has released some new writing in the form of an eBook.

Ahead of the Game is a new short story from Shaun, just released through Penguin Shorts. Caspar Jolley is a thrillseeker with a gift for always staying one step ahead. Doctor Evelyn Flowers is a woman of science – and sensuality. Brought together by an off-street speedboat-racing catastrophe, will they be able to overcome a bizarre and confounding injury?

Also, Smithereens has been made available in a shortened eBook form, appropriately titled A Selection of Smithereens.

All of these (plus some of Shaun’s older titles) can be bought through Amazon’s Kindle service (or any other eBook service). The Kindle app runs on PC, Mac, Android or iOS – so there’s no excuse not to get some Shaun to read!

2 thoughts to “Short Shaun stories”

  1. I’ve read ‘Ahead Of The Game’ and at only 25 pages, it somehow manages to be more confusing than ‘Preincarnate’.
    Amazing stuff from Shaun, I was expecting some kind of punchline, but it’s actually pretty emotional. I haven’t read ‘The Moment’ but I’m guessing it’s more like the tone of it.

    There’s lots of clever word play and the character ‘time travels’ using his senses. Definitely worth it, and perfect to keep in your iPad, etc for a little Micallef Moment!

  2. I’ve noticed Shaun loves a “time-travel” theme: Preincarnate, The Moment… Ahead of the Game reminds me a bit of The Time Travellers Wife. You’re right Julie, it’s definitely intelligent but no punchlines. Though I’m not sure anything can be more confusing than Preincarnate!

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