Ask Shaun or the Mad As Hell team a question!

A very special opportunity has come up for me to pose your questions to Shaun… and maybe some of the Mad As Hell cast and writers!

You have till this Wednesday (18th) to email or “comment” the questions you would like answered. I can’t guarantee who will be free to answer questions, but there’s only one way to find out!

7 thoughts to “Ask Shaun or the Mad As Hell team a question!”

  1. This ones for Shaun πŸ™‚

    On the scale of one to ten, do you still have the superball I gave you?

  2. Can you ask where they found Tosh? Did they audition people, is Tosh a fan of Shaun? Did Tosh go to NIDA? Basically, what’s his story? His IMDB page is totally empty except for Mad As Hell, and I’m intensely curious.

  3. First off, happy birthday Shaun! πŸ™‚

    Secondly, will there be a another series of Mad As Hell? I really do hope so!
    And another question (if I’m only all

  4. (SORRY I accidentally hit submit without finishing because I’m on my phone and it’s terrible)

    Continuing: another question if I’m allowed; I’m all the way up here in Brisbane, and it’s hard for me to get down to Melbourne, but one day I would love to meet you Shaun! Do you have anything planned in the future in terms of a tour? Or is that not really your style?

    Sorry about the double-post. And thankyou for answering if you do!

  5. So, Shaun. What is YOUR interpretation of that clip of Abbott pushing that ball which happens to pop up every episode?

  6. Will you write another novel?
    What are the chances of a Preincarnate author-read audiobook? The live readings weren’t enough.

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