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While at a recent recording night, Shaun was asked about which of his old Full Frontal characters might also make a return, on the back of Nobby Doldrums being in the Vox Pops of Mad as Hell. As far as I can recall, here was some of his comments:

Milo Kerrigan, of course made a few appearances on TAYG, but Shaun recalls that a senior person at Channel Ten did say something to the effect of “he doesn’t really work, we can’t really understand him. It would be better if he could be understood.” And so Milo stopped making appearances.

Fabio – age was Shaun’s main reason for not resurrecting him, but did indicate they once planned to bring him back a few years ago. He would have been living in Rosebud and be known as the “most beautiful man… in these pants.”

David McGahan – Shaun feels that this character really got merged into the TV personas he’s portrayed as “himself”. Besides, Gary (McCaffrie) would probably put a stop to any re-appearance – as he did during the P(r)ogram(me).

But he certainly still gave some great impressions of Billy Connolly, Michael Cane and Jimmy Stewart.

More seriously, he even commented: “Hidden away on SBS, with Newstopia, I got to play Kofi Anan, and no-one complained. It was beautiful makeup, I would have defied you to [guess it wasn’t me], in fact I went home wearing it…. If you’re playing a person, and you can play that person, I think that’s OK. But if you’re playing just a character of ethnicity, and that’s the joke, I don’t know if that’s defensible.”

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  1. i think sean micalef is a comic genius and i think he has a very intelectual and analytical mind especially in how he studies poeple and their manerisms and is able to craft a character by the way he studies poeple and its allways been a fact of drama that the most dificult thing to do is to make an audience laugh or cry and sean can definately make em laugh,i think the character of milo kerrigan is brilliant and i dont agree with the statement that poeple dont understand him and it would be better if he was more understood.if he were to be more understood then you would effectively lose the comedic aspects of the character and his physical and facial actions speaks louder than words .i mean look at benny hill and some of the characters he created he just said some key words here there and that was enough to understand what he was trying to convey to an audience!ps fabio is my real name!

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