Got a question to ask?

If you’ve got a question for one of the Mad as Hell cast or crew, this may be your opportunity!

Who is Veronica’s favourite character to play? Did Michael write the Kraken character for himself? Add it to the comments below and we’ll do our best to ask it. There’s of course no guarantee that anyone will be able to answer any of them, but there’s only one way to find out!

(Your question can also be for Shaun, obviously)

6 thoughts to “Got a question to ask?”

  1. Question for Shaun:

    I am loving “The President’s Desk” and I’d like to know, will there be a sequel to it called “The Prime Minister’s Desk: a look at Australian Prime Ministers and the…uh…interesting lives they live/lived”?

  2. Shaun, what’s with you and Blade Runner? Seems to be a recurring theme in your work. And do you think Oscar Pistorius still deserves the nickname?

  3. Dear Madashellers,

    The team seems to revel in odd names, especially for those people “interviewed” on the programme.

    Being an old ‘Goon’ fan, I have made up some pretty weird ones myself too, over the years. Here are a few examples (as far as I know, none of them relate to real people, and you are welcome to utilize any of them, or any part thereof, if you are so desirous):

    Yashmin Baggot-Mopland, Zerbano Hectare, Irma Bookvaulter, Sir Sutcliffe Waspbottom, Lord Elpus, B. F. Longniddy Cloon, Felicity Hoops-Badger, Lester Hydrobarker, Bulldog Plethorage, Percy Elfbladder, Forkpa Pondloop, Laura Postmark. Elmer Indoscrote Jr., Senator George Crunblunder ….


    John B

  4. Shaun,
    Have you considered following the format of such shows as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or The Colbert report? I feel a show like this would really resonate with Australians.

  5. Hi shawn, or anybody else, I’m 11 and I think your show is really funny. But, your most recent episode had frequent use of the F word since I watch it with my parents, They turned it off, so i couldn’t watch it. So could you refrain from using That word so I can actully watch your show ’cause its AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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