Mad As Hell, back February 11th

It’s official – Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell is confirmed to return for its fifth season on Wednesday February 11th on ABC. This time, it’s shifted back half and hour, to 8:30pm.

The team really hit their stride last year, so expect more comedy gold, although Veronica has moved to a full time role on Triple J, so there may be a new cast member.

This will be the only season for 2015, with Shaun working on “The Ex-PM” later in the year. We’re yet to see what the future will hold after that.

4 thoughts to “Mad As Hell, back February 11th”

  1. According to wikipedia, Veronica is only doing Triple J during the weekends, so perhaps it’s not a problem för her doing Mad As Hell.

  2. Wikipedia is out of date (who’d have thought?) – Veronica and Lewis now do 3-5:30pm Monday to Friday. She’s confirmed on Twitter that she has had to give up Mad As Hell, reluctantly.

  3. the Duke of Edinburgh awards will obviously have to be renamed “Sir Duke of Edinburgh awards”. Surely you could come up with a musical number of the Duke presenting the awards using Stevie wonder’s”Sir Duke” as a backing tape?

  4. Shame for Veronica. But let me be the new cast member. Or writer. Or coffee maker. Or whipping boy (even though I’m a girl). Pleeeeease?!

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