Episode Synopses for Mad as Hell Season 5

There’s a joke in every nook and cranny of Mad As Hell, and this season continued the tradition of playing with the episode synopses – many of which were themed around a time and a place. For anyone who missed them in the TV guides, on iView or when scrolling through their digital TV listing, here they are:

Episode 1 – February 11th
Auckland, 1978. A young man with the wind in his hair, also nits, dreams of a better life by winning a dusco duncing competution. CAST: Shaun Micallef

Episode 2 – February 18th
Los Angeles, 2057. The future. A cyber-gigolo accused of post-meditated mind-murder travels back in time to 1958 to try and prevent the invention of the hula hoop. CAST: Shaun Micallef

Episode 3 – February 25th
Oklahoma, 1936. Tom, Ma, Pa, Uncle John and their crippled scientist friend Davros enjoy a hearty meal of dust. “Anyone for seconds?” laughs Tom.

Episode 4 – March 4th
Singapore, 1942, just before the fall of the tiny island state (when it was feeling a bit dizzy). A manticore, a chimera and a basilisk walk into a bar and have a quiet drink – nothing to see here.

Episode 5 – March  11th
Tibet, 1957. The Dalai Lama invites you to go rollerblading. If you accept his invitation, turn to Page 34. If you choose to denounce him as a capitalist roader, turn to Page 132. CAST: Shaun Micallef

Episode 6 – March 18th
A janitor accidentally trapped overnight at New York’s Grand Central Station is amazed when the men’s public toilets magically come to life (also the urinal cakes, hand dryers, toilet rolls etc.)

Episode 7 – March 25th
Kyoto, 1999. On the eve of National Udon Day, a love octagon develops between a flatulent geisha, a sumo wrestler, a yakuza flautist, a deaf samurai, a pedantic ninja and three other Japanese stereotypes.

Episode 8 – April 1st
You might think you know all about sugar, but how much do you really know about sugar? Tonight, everything you need to know about sugar – and some things you perhaps didn’t need to know! About sugar.

Episode 9 – April 8th
Drawing on old Super 8 footage, videotape, still photos, eyewitness accounts and police records, a former marine is able to piece together the final moments before his colonoscopy.

Episode 10 – April 15th
Terry’s not like you or me. You see, Terry hears voices in his head. Angry voices. Voices that tell him to kill. (Twist: Terry works in telemarketing and the voices are customers in his headphones.)

5 thoughts to “Episode Synopses for Mad as Hell Season 5”

  1. Please before you finish you have to do something on the audacious use of Kiribilli house as a residence for our leader Tony’s daughter. $250/week for a waterfront mansion for Bridget Abbott…..if only it was that cheap for the rest of us to provide prime waterfront rental
    digs to get out offspring out of the family home!!!

  2. They can not take “mad as Hell ” off the ABC. It is one of the best shows on. In lightens our mood in what has become a depressing Australia at present.
    Thanks Shaun and crew for aFabulous show that has us laughing throughout. Hope to see you in 2016

  3. I refuse to believe what I heard on Wednesday’s episode. The last show? No bloody way. Not for one of the best — not just Australian, but best overall — shows on TV. This is madness. And not the good kind I’ve been looking forward to on Wednesdays.

  4. Shaun, looking for material for next weeks show…look no further than 7.30 with emma 17/4 featuring sen cash….it’s a hummer!!! cheers pauline

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