Questions for Shaun?

Do you have a burning question you’d like to ask Shaun, Francis or anyone else in the Mad As Hell team? Comment and we might put it to them next week!

15 thoughts to “Questions for Shaun?”

  1. You stole the word I’ve been using to explain God.
    Omniscience + omnipresence + omnipotence = OMNIGNORANCE.
    But that’s OK because I love your show.
    Keep up the fantastic work that I eagerly await each week.

  2. Could we finally see an interview with Professor Norris Austin (or was it Registrar Norris Austin) of Yale University?

  3. Why does Nicola sometimes call Shaun “Chaka Khan”? My wife wants to know and I don’t know what to tell her. Help me please, I’m her Charlie and I can’t disappoint her.

  4. With 42 different parties on NSW Senate ballot paper don’t you think that some of them could do better by joing forces? The Sex Party and the HEMP party might both have more fun. And the Shooters & Fishers could achieve their aim by combining with the Voluntary Euthenasia Party to mutual satisfaction.

  5. Hi Shaun,
    I love your show and wish it was on very week of the year.
    Perhaps you could weave this, my new, favourite word into your next programme;
    Look it up and you won’t be disappointed.

  6. Hi! Love the show, as all your work… Just an observation, the “smooth operator” and his “squeaky feet” rise and fall… the libs it seems are handing out those comic shoes. I refer to “tony pasin” lib member for Barker, his tv ads as well as being far to zoomed in to possibly make him look taller (?) accentuate this, when he almost tops out of the shot each time his squeaky shoes send him sky high. It does make me wonder just how many other pollies are affected 🙂 please feel free to use this observation. Thanks again for making free tv bearable!

  7. Someone please put me out of my misery … That poster of Malcolm Turnbull standing with his eyes closed – I know it’s based on another photo (album cover?) but just can’t place it. Who was it originally?

  8. Love Mad as Hell look forward to it each week. Shaun and cast are so funny. It’s the best show on tv. I am so excited today I received my tickets to THe Odd Couple in December. MY sister and I can’t wait to see the show . WE are big fans of Shaun and Francis.

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