Happy Birthday Mr M!

Newstopia S3E3 - Cake SpoilersIt’s Shaun’s birthday today, and to help him celebrate, we sent him some European cake spoilers (only $3.96 from a certain hardware chain).

He’s only 54, but if you’re wondering how long he’s had his silvery-locks, he told us he went completely grey in his 30’s, soon after the birth of his first child (completely coincidental, btw)

2 thoughts to “Happy Birthday Mr M!”

  1. (Sung in a Marylin Munro voice) Happy Birthday Mr President… xx Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  2. Shaun,
    Love your work. Clever, humorous and so close to the truth.
    As an observation for you can I suggest that the political landscape of our 2 national leaders is revealed in their initials?
    Malcolm Turnbull (MT=empty)
    Bill Shorten (BS = speaks for itself)
    Have a great birthday celebration and watch out for the Kraken.

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