Stairway to Heaven specials start Wednesday

After much anticipation, Shaun’s Stairway to Heaven specials continue this Wednesday on SBS at 8:30pm.

Following on from his singular special in 2014, Shaun is continuing to immerse himself in the lives of those with “unshakable faith” to discover what gives them that faith, and wondering if there is more to life than being a semi-professional writer/comedian.

First up, Shaun travels to Salt Lake City to live, eat and pray with the Mormons before heading off with young missionaries to the jungles of the South Pacific. He then ventures to the Deserts of Utah to break bread with breakaway polygamists.

In Faith Healers (January 25th), Shaun immerses himself deep in the back blocks of Brazil, in the community of world famous medium and psychic spirit healer John of God for a chance to commune with the dead. Here Catholicism is intertwined with a belief in supernatural miracles, mediums and the afterlife.

Finally, Shaun wonders if Armageddon really is nigh (February 1st) and how to physically and spiritually prepare for the Apocalypse. Heading to America he undergoes biblical combat training with Doomsday Preppers  and explores the world of TV evangelism with Born Again Christian fundamentalists. On a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, he stands where Jesus is prophesied to return, before finally retreating to the Greek Island of Patmos where the Book of Revelation was scribed.

You can watch the first episode, Gods, Gurus and Ganges, on Vimeo.

Thanks to Artemis International for the information.

One thought to “Stairway to Heaven specials start Wednesday”

  1. Enjoyed show on your Mormon experience last night.
    Although I am not Mormon it was interesting how Joseph Smith was portrayed. One third of Joseph’s descendants live here in Australia so it was good to see some family history.
    The issue of “polygamy” is an interesting one. There is no direct proof that Joseph has any direct descendants beyond those that were from his marriage to his wife, Emma. DNA studies have been undertaken to ascertain the legitimacy of any claimants.
    Further, the laws of the US states during Joseph’s time gave no rights to women. It was only through marriage and her husband that a woman was recognized legally. Draconian in todays standards but relevant in Joseph’s times when many died at younger ages leaving the female spouse usually with children in a difficult position.
    Hope this gives a non-church perspective of the background to the point you raised in your show last night.

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