You say it’s your birthday?

Mad As Hell S6Ep5: Smooth OperatorHappy Birthday to Shaun, who never looks a year older…

I guess we get the gift though, since tonight’s a shooting night for Mad As Hell – and we get to enjoy the result tomorrow!


7 thoughts to “You say it’s your birthday?”

  1. Hi Shaun,
    I’ve runaway from my real life and am living the dream at Mudgee. I watch your show regularly and rarely crack a smile, but after having a tour of the local vineyards I am laughing my tits off. Regardless of this, I’ve always found you totes hot to look at. God bless, Sandra x

  2. They say Sean Micalef is from Adelaide, well, you know , they don’t send their best people!

  3. Shaun,

    I’m an American who has stumbled across your INCREDIBLE TV Series. “Mr. And Mrs. Murder.”
    WOW This series is FRICKIN’ FABULOUS. You and the other actors in your Quartet are simply delicious. Your humor, intelligence and spirituality (yes, I use that word because each episode has such life affirming messages while working through nasty murders.)
    I know it’s gone. But the one season of 13 episodes are true Television Platinum. I didn’t know who you or Kat were when I watched Episode 1. But NOW… I tell EVERYONE I know.
    Thank you for your Artistry.
    Jim Dale’s Pianist
    and all kinds of Broadway Things. hehe


  4. hey shaun love your work, would love to see milo kerrigan calling the melbourne cup. please stop pushing the gay barrow they have enough twits doing that.

  5. Don’t worry about moderating my comment you hetrophobes. so much for freedom of speech. And please tell Shaun that I am bitterly disappointed in his attitude. I saw him as a latter day Tony Hancock and maybe he is. I’m an alcoholic but I don’t tell others to ram it down. Marriage is a church institution, if you don’t like the rules then don’t do it. Don’t expect to go to service at the synagogue munching on a bacon sandwich. I’m over these tantruming 2 year olds. I really thought better of you Shaun, you have become a populist twat.

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