End of an Era

With tonight being the penultimate episode of Series 7, that means there’s only one more episode (next week) of Mad As Hell for this year!

Coincidentally, by all accounts, next week’s taping of Mad As Hell will be the last thing to be recorded at the ABC Elsternwick studios, which have been the ABC’s main television facilities in Melbourne since 1956.

The studios have been the home of Countdown, The Big Gig, The Late Show, Recovery, countless others, and of course – The Micallef P(r)ogram(me), Newstopia and Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell.

Next year, the show will tape in new studios at the ABC Southbank site in Melbourne, where all ABC operations in Victoria have been consolidated. The move was anticipated earlier in the year, but the new studios have not been ready.

Speaking to some of the cast and crew, there is a feeling of melancholy over leaving the studios in Gordon Street, with the history (along with asbestos) being ingrained in the walls, and many people of the people still there having had worked in the building for over 30 years. Even for the Mad As Hell team, it’s been six years alone.

It’s a fitting thing that Shaun and his team, who currently carry the satirical torch for the ABC, should give it the final on-air send off.

You can read more about the studios in this news article.

One thought to “End of an Era”

  1. Hi Shaun,
    I hope you are well and firing on all cylinders. I watched your programme where you were searching for the truth. This is the second time I have seen this programme. I note that Judy Lucy also seems to be “searching”. I have answers. I can’t guarantee you will understand though. eg. A person with anorexia looks in a mirror and sees a fat person. That little voice in their head, and we all are subject to those persistent thoughts, is stronger than her own eyes, stronger than both the opinion of their parents and friends. People must toss out those little negative voices instead of empowering them. That is why I don’t guarantee you will understand because Truth is subject to persistent attack.
    But what I have to say can be said if a few minutes and if you are ready to receive it then it will fall into place.
    What I say is totally based on scripture. But churches don’t follow scripture. easy, Christmas and Easter. This is easy for you to understand. Jesus said you will know them by their fruit. Not by miracles. Look at the countries most people would live in as a local citizen. All Christian countries. All other countries are ruled by bribery and rampant corruption. And this includes Roman Catholic countries. They ( ie South Americans countries , Philippines , Rome. ) all corrupt. Who would choose to live in those countries. Roman Catholics have left the truth in Scripture. Similarly , Protestant Churches are being deceived. And Australia and the US at least are deserting Christianity in hordes. The whole society is crumbling. You need to act shortly, to resolve where you stand. If you are ready to receive we can do it over a phone but face to face is far better for a serious conversation. As I don’t have money you will have to come to me. I live in Brisbane, so maybe you can put a short time into your schedule.
    Oh Jesus is the Real Deal.
    love in Jesus

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