It’s a wrap for Season 7 of Mad As Hell.. but it will return!

The bookshelf from the Mad As Hell setIt seems like twelve weeks have flown past, but as we watch the last episode of Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell tonight, the cast and crew will be holding their wrap party for what has been a fantastic season, and proof that it’s needed in Australia’s TV landscape.

But don’t despair… it will be back in 2018 for Season 8! Everyone I’ve spoken to the ABC can’t be more thrilled to have it back, and are excited to see it in ABC’s new Southbank studios next year. There’s a real sense of family and team about the show – the cast and crew really love working on it together, and Shaun admitted he still gets a lot of enjoyment from making it. So with a bit of luck we’ll see it in the early part of 2018.

2 thoughts to “It’s a wrap for Season 7 of Mad As Hell.. but it will return!”

  1. Thank you Shaun and crew for making a positive difference for without humour there is nothing – well I reckon anyway! We have sociopaths running the world making decisions that affect us all…hence the need to laugh at the absurdity of human behaviours and attitudes. So much cheer to you all and I will miss you till next season. From Lisa Jane Grindle.

  2. Thank you so much for making me laugh. I’ve given up watching TV at all any more in AUS, and have been avoiding it for at least 25 years. I mean, Indonesia with a 60% illiteracy rate has 300 channels from all over the globe, but AUST has Fox and you have to pay for repeats, and there is no live anything except footy or some other brain dead entrainment to keep the uninformed misinformed.
    I’m left breathless at the repetitive indoctrination of Aust TV, and cannot believe that it has remained the same programming every year for at least 40 years! I figure it must be well understood that if the consumer sees the same thing, and the same content and products every day on the same 4 channels, that it must mean that the consumer is brainwashed into only thinking and buying the only things they see. A little like the cultural Hindu, Ramlila, that was the same story of life and evolution for how many thousands of years? They all knew that was the only truth!
    I mean the Gay marriage thing! Fuck! 500 people are killed everyday in Iraq by the war machine that still hasn’t found any weapons of mass destruction, and AUS still sends our puppet state troops. 30 people a day get killed in Raqqa, Syria! The AUS TV reports to the sheep public every day as if this where America! Nth Korea was bombed into the stone age in 1958, by America who boasted at the time they had killed 20-30% of the population and had levelled any brick standing on another. The shit we get about Nth Korea as a Nuclear threat where they have maybe 20 functioning missiles, and America has 5000. What country is the only country in the world to have used nuclear bombs? How many Iraqis are dying today from the depleted uranium thrown at them in that war? And the puppy dog AUS public gets indoctrinated into believing Nth Korea is a threat! Yeah. Have a fucking dumb fuck vote on Gay marriage, who gives a shit! You did mention that just after your mandatory relentlessly uninteresting (but funny) Gay Marriage bit on the 6th.
    It’s the same in Aus now.There is only one story. Even the ABC parrots CNN, Washington Post and New York Times as word perfect as the other three channels, and we’re about to get even greater information censorship from Google and Facebook so as we get the right information from the right places! Holy fuck.
    Your program and comedy is such a relief from the hum drum, I would really like to work for you some how and help you throw a bit of shit around. Your about the only voice that gets an airing I think. DavidVerrall

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