Mad As Hell returns January 31st

For the first time since 2015, Mad As Hell is returning at the start of the ratings year – January 31st – for its EIGHTH season! This will be the first at the new studios in Southbank, Melbourne, where the ABC has consolidated all its television and radio production in Victoria. But the whole team has moved across, so expect arguably the best satirical show on Australian TV to continue where it left off.

ABC, Wednesdays at 8:30pm from January 31st

6 thoughts to “Mad As Hell returns January 31st”

  1. The Bladerunner skit had tears in my eyes, I actually have the shooting storyboard of original scene and I was very impressed by the homage. Always love the Tyrell Corporation chair in Sean’s shows.

  2. Great to hear a soundbite from “Earth vs. The Flying Saucers” in the new intro credits.
    Who is the classic retro SF fan Shaun?

  3. I’m getting really, REALLY annoyed with the canned laughter levels used in the current series. Honestly, Shaun, your material is so good we just don’t need any help to know when to laugh.

  4. And it looks like the extremely rare but fertile ex-Kiwi may go extinct.
    I bet the Liberals and Nationals wish they had spent more money on conserving endangered species now!

  5. You might want to consider a segment where Greg Norman is trying to get Trump to provide a tariff exemption for the Australian steel industry while they are having a game of Golf at Maralago.

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