So much to be mad about…

We’re drawing towards the final 1/4 of Season 8 of Mad As Hell, with the tenth episode airing tonight, and thirteen episodes all up.
But – not to despair! Shaun has confirmed that there will be another block of thirteen starting in September.
(Plus there’s eight episodes of TAYG coming mid-year, but more about that later…)
So there will be Shaun on Australian TV for 65% of the year! (as a minimum requirement it should be).

All those numbers got you confused?
Basically, there’s lots of good television to enjoy this year.

3 thoughts to “So much to be mad about…”

  1. I couldn’t wait for Shaun – and his great team – to return to MAH. Now, it’s about to finish – final episode next week. Not so sure about TAYG, but any Shaun is better than none. I do hope there will be a 2nd series later this year. I look forward to that. I wonder if there will be another series of ‘The Ex PM’ or is that asking too much of Shaun??
    Apropos of nothing – and Shaun might appreciate that – I noticed that various ABC presenters were struck down this week. No Tony Jones – 2 weeks running – and then Leigh Sales. Last night it was Stan Grant’s turn. Hope this is not an ominous sign. Love the ABC which increasingly has great programs! Yes, I think companies not paying tax should fund the ABC and/ or the PM could simply give the ABC more money. After all, the Coalition’s largesse extended to the $122 million non-binding SSM postal vote, and now $100 million for a memorial for Anzac Day, and that’s without the proposed company tax cuts. What was that about Labor being the big-spending Party??

    Sorry this is so long and winding. Thanks for a great show, yet again. 65% should be a minimum requirement for Shaun. We love you, Shaun!

  2. Hi shaun. Love your show. You must change your pronunciation of team Zee. It is Zed in Australia. You are speaking yanki talk.
    We are not yanks and we are Aussies.

  3. Looking farward to MAH returning πŸ˜‰ 2/2 2018+
    I have some contributions / suggestions (far free πŸ™‚ Please contact to get the juice!

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