Mad again in 2019

The ABC announced their “upfronts” for 2019 (basically what they will air next year), and to avoid riots in the street (as well put by Oz Tumbleweeds), Mad As Hell will be back! Here’s the press release:

Shaun Micallef celebrates his 25th year in television with his 10th season of Mad as Hell. “It’s a bit like the frog in the saucepan of water,” says the comedian of working for the ABC. “If you turn up the heat, the frog doesn’t notice because he’s cold-blooded. Eventually the water’s boiling and the frog’s like ‘Hey, WTAF?’ and he explodes… Actually, it’s not a very good analogy.” Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell, Australia’s longest-running half-hour news satire program of that name returns in 2019.

According to Shaun, it will be back in July (presumably for one season only next year), just after the next federal election (and sadly not during the campaign it seems).

The team celebrated 100 episodes recently, and with tonight’s season finale, it puts the total count to 102. Congrats to everyone who makes Mad As Hell the best satirical show on Australian TV, if we do say so ourselves.

11 thoughts to “Mad again in 2019”

  1. A travesty of justice to deny electorate Australia 2019 the political interpretations of Shaun Micallef and the Mas as Hell cast. So we really must decide by ourselves.

  2. Could you do a segment on Christopher Pyne loves a chat, with Christopher sitting fireside with a cravat and a large pink cocktail. He truly can go on, he will miss the limelight.
    Looking forward to your return, in the barren space of good satire!

  3. My goodness! Looks like two godfathers and the politically correct “muscle” . . . Only 1 season? Shame. It literally is my favourite political satire show.
    Thanks for the first nine seasons Shaun!

  4. I don’t know why, but I keep seeing this image of Casper Jonquil shouting out the words of Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” in his pathetically accusing voice.
    (You know: “How does it feel?!!” etc)

  5. Shaun thank you to you and the imaginative people at the ABC for concise penetrating observations of the dysfunction of power in hi office LONG MAY YOU KEEP THE BASTARDS TO ACCOUNT

  6. We are missing your commentary on the federal election ‘Shaun – Mad as Hell’ Just not bloody fair and bloody unAustralian like to not be able to laugh at the misery we are being put through by our pathetic political leaders…..
    And hey Shaun what about running to be Prime Minister under party name ‘Mad as Hell’! I am sure it would be a mud slide….

  7. How about asking Mungo McCallum to join Mad as Hell? If you’ve ever read his pieces on he would be perfect …
    Only 1 season?? Come on! Now that the Aussie Trump has been voted in by gullible people we need at least TWO seasons! Then again Shaun, perhaps you are tired of having to be the conscience for the joke that is called the government.
    Better watch out or you’ll deemed a threat to national security, raided, sued, forced to seek asylum in the Chinese embassy … actually you could have hitched a ride with the PLA on one of their nice boats that somehow evaded detection by the NSW premier! No, this isn’t a blatant, thinly disguised audition for the position of a writer on MAH.

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