Ten years!

It’s been ten years since this very website first appeared on the Internet, and wow hasn’t time flown!

At the time, Shaun was between seasons on Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (the Channel 10 years) … Mad As Hell was still a few years away. I’m so grateful to Shaun and all the fellow fans for making this website what it is over the last 10 years; Shaun’s someone who’s always got something new on the boil, and it’s been enjoyable to help share them. (He’s also a really nice person.)

But I must apologise, as I feel like I’ve dropped the ball on this website, having been so long since the last update. With Mad As Hell continuing it’s path of excellence (renewed for another season later this year), using Twitter to share breaking information and Shaun himself being on Twitter, there’s not much extra news to share. It’s mostly been sit back and enjoy the Micallef time. Also, I’m excellent at procrastination, so there’s that too. I’ll try to post some new things over the next few weeks 🙂

Here’s to another ten years of Shaun brilliance, and this website sticking around to discuss it.

4 thoughts to “Ten years!”

  1. Hi Shaun,
    Please contact me for a possible discussion with regard to the Documentary you are making on ‘drinking’ in Australia.

    I have so much experiential, and researched comparative information on this topic – lived away from Australia for 35 years, too – so my knowledge has perspective which I would really like to share. Don’t want to watch the doco and be thinking “Oh God he missed that fact” or “That quote is actually untrue”, or lacks qualification because I did not make contact.
    Just stuff based on fact, or anecdote, covering the last 50 years – so there is causal information – given you as you may be open to receiving. Note: I can even reference Batcheler and Spinster Balls in the country: we did not use shoes or boots, none the less, comparisons are of interest as a shift in attitudes/behavior has changed in some areas. Hope to be of some help if desired.

  2. Hekko Shaun,

    Somehow I sincerely hope this message reaches you.

    Awesome you’re a tea total person. Apart from cardio vascular, cancer and smoking, alcohol kills a lot more people that motor vehicle accidents. 1200 vs 6500, 15,500 smoking p.a.. Reference the ABS statistics.

    That’s the direct health care cost. There are families, businesses, communities destroyed by alcohol.

    Yes, a glass of wine won’t hurt anyone, but it’s a very slippery slop, especially in stressful world of corporate or actually everyone’s life.

    REGARDLESS of anyone’s political view, offering someone an alcoholic beverage is like asking the, “would you like a glass of depression, that can cause serious damage to your back body and everything you hold near and dear. In terms of addiction alcohol is 2nd only to Heroin.

    So might as well offer a good friend, relative a syringe to them. Having consulted to most a the really big ASX 200 firms, the risk isn’t understood. Macquarie Bank in the heyday held enormous annual events for the firms team. Great company, los of good people, setting an appalling example.

    Originally you had little kudos to me, however, getting this real is a very authentic issue affecting Australia. Close down Dan Murphy’s. Put labels on the bottle (this drink will kill you, or worse kill some else).

    Go hard Shaun. Watching people die from alcohol isn’t pleasant.

  3. Dear Shaun
    I have just watched first episode of on the sauce on iview and look forward to the next one. Now one thing about alcohol which is not properly discussed by doctors who concentrate on the bad physical effects is that alcohol is a depressant, I.e it makes people depressed, which is the last thing you need in these times.


  4. I once saw Kenneth Williams walking around a square in London. He was in a world of his own, whistling to himself, I’ll never forget it.

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