Lucky 13 for Mad As Hell!

The thirteenth series of Mad As Hell began last Wednesday – and are we very glad for that! It’s the ninth year for the show, and we’re expecting 12 episodes. Six! Other Random Numbers!

All the cast has returned, so we can just crack on an enjoy it. 

It’s back again without an audience due to COVID restrictions – but it nearly had one… New restrictions were introduced by the Victorian government at 6pm, just 30 minutes before the first episode was about to be taped WITH an audience. It would have been a huge letdown for that audience, but strangely enough, the lack of audience hasn’t really taken away from the show in the last season and a bit… it might be a bit of a shock when those laughs return.

Usual time slot of 8:30pm Wednesdays, or watch on iView. You may need a login now to watch online (as sent up by Tosh’s parody of Charlie Pickering’s ad about it in episode one of season 13).

6 thoughts to “Lucky 13 for Mad As Hell!”

  1. So sorry you are so political!! Shaun you used to be funny but now you are sooo left I don’t think we laughed once! So disappointing . Your show is not fun anymore.
    From a ex-fan

  2. Jude, that’s so funny! You’ve got to admit the only person funnier than Shaun is Scomo, and as he happens to be in power, any sekf-respecting comedian is swerving hard left. Anyway, let’s all pray that Mad as Hell gets pulled.

  3. You’re probably in the wrong forum if you’re not a fan of Shaun’s work, but I would argue Mad As Hell has been pretty focused on Australian’s politics since at least season 2, from when Labor were last in government.

  4. Ive thought and prayed about this deeply, determined not to be unknowingly partisan, but the truth is, the right is SO MUCH funnier than the left, and the left is just hilarious!

  5. 3rd cr*p show in a row. Score is 5 (Clarke level humour team) – 3 (Moronic audience).
    Get rid of the audience!!!!
    Tonight “beer barrelling” was clearly too sophisticated for them, but then they did laugh for you when you showed images of sausages in bread. (sigh)
    Please redeem yourselves. Lock the doors and write like you did for the first five.

  6. Absolutely love Mad as Hell. Only thing keeping me sane during the Pandemic. Pure genius. Just sad the last episode was last night (12/08/21) – we need more, especially now; no one seems to be able to laugh at themselves anymore……

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