Plenty more for 2022

With the final episode of Season 14 of Mad As Hell this week, what else will Shaun be up to for the year?

Firstly, there will be another season of Mad As Hell this year, starting from August – the election will be done and, no matter the result, Shaun and the team will have some new form of Government to poke fun at.

There’s also a new show this year – Shaun Micallef’s Brain Eisteddfod! It’s a quiz show, a little less zany than Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, pitting Year 11 students against each other, University Challenge style. He’s pretty excited to give a platform for a group he feels is under-represented on TV. It will shoot in the next few months and also air around August on Channel 10.

And an autobiography! I was pleasantly surprised to hear Shaun had been working on one, and expects it to be published later this year. We’re probably going to get a tone as seen in “Who Do You Think You Are” and “On the Sauce”. It should make for an interesting read.

4 thoughts to “Plenty more for 2022”

  1. Shaun, how funny would it be to pose the question of what Fox Sports channels would look like if they were run with the same “editorial” input (AKA lopsided input) as Sky News?

    Eg, AFL Channel : “Don’t look at the total score or the goals, look at the points – we’re winning!!”

    I am sure you could put your wit far above my halfwit and come up with a few extra lines for a skit…

  2. Hello Shaun,

    Just thought you would like to know that in a TV advertisement for the NBN a “tradie” is shown fixing as leaking tap on the lawn. When he uses the spanned he actually loosens the fitting rather than tighten it! I’ve never seen a leaky tap being fixed by loosening the connection!

    Hope you are enjoying the run of Mad As Hell and it is as rewarding as spruiking the Law Review on the Barr Smith Lawns back in the mid 80’s.



  3. Hey Mr Mc!
    I was just reading ABC news online today may 10th about a rogue merino who eluded the shearers for 7(?) YEARS. When it finally was captured and ‘Shaun’,(Shorn), the fleece extracted weighed over 22 kg. There was a picture of it lying on its back, it’s legs barely visible through matted fleece. It in fact looked more like a louse magnified under electron microscope. But the reason for telling you this is: the headline used….EWE BEAUTY! And I thought you’d like to make mention of it in your interview with the newspaper guy explaining his ‘witty’ captions. Maybe you can ask him if any of his trainees have gone to work for ABC… I mean….EWE BEAUTY!!! Also, I used to like watching VERA until You started picking on her. Now I can’t say her seriously at all.

  4. The election just wasn’t the same without Sean’s comments and advice. Had no interest in it at all…….

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