2 thoughts to “Happy 60th birthday to Shaun!”

  1. Wow! Happy Birthday Mr! I have always found you hilarious but my favourites have to be Mad as Hell and Mr and Mrs Murder!
    Your intelligence and satire are 2nd to none!
    I would love to sit and have a drink and a yarn with you but since you are teetotal, I’ll drink and we can both yarn! Lol

  2. Sorry. Like most things, I missed it. You would SURELY have been overwhelmed with ebullient congratulations from your tens of fans had anyone known this page/site (whatever) existed. I happened upon this by pure accident just now while looking to see if you’re touring your hometown…but no…. Brisbane gets first cab of the rank and all ive got to say to that is TYPICAL. *rolls eyes*
    Happy belated Birthday Shawn. In all likelihood you’ll never read these words but then it’s not all about ME, is it?

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