Recap: Your Gen, November 23rd 2010

As Shaun introduced, this week TAYG celebrated the end of the rating year, with “a Christmas special so early, it renders the point of it almost meaningless.”

The guests this week were Jennifer Byrne for the Baby Boomers, Chas Licciardello for Gen X and Hamish Blake for Gen Y. Josh gave Hamish a puppy for a gift (but presented a community service announcement later advising that pets are not just for Christmas).

The first game was Fantoystic! Each team had to identify the toy from the photo and the decade it first became popular. Yuletide Fly (an adaptation of the Human Fly game) was the next game played. Shaun announced the next game as Al Jazeera Masterchef, but that was too complicated so changed it back to Chicken or Egg, but then to be more Christmassy, Turkey or Egg, but that was also too complicated!

In the four buttons round, the choices were Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh and Mr Squiggles (a zuzu hamster?)

  • The Baby Boomers chose Gold, playing Name That Tune. During which Hamish pointed out that Rudolph was a head only – soon after, he came to life and tried attacking through the window.
  • Gen Y picked Frankincense which was Present and Correct, where they had to identify which stocking of presents belonged to which celebrity the show hoped to lure next year. The last stocking included a Harry Potter figure, hair gel and a book called ‘Staying Seated’ – the answer being Josh Thomas. Shaun then advised Josh would be a guest next year because he wouldn’t be a regular anymore – to which Josh became upset, and kicked the set.
  • Gen X chose Myrrh – ‘A Christmas Miracle’, and a scene played out involving Kat Stewart and Francis Greenslade! Father Christmas also joined in, fluffing his lines. Six lines were from Christmas themed films and the team had to guess their origin.

In the Your Gen round, each team was quizzed on the topic of Gifts. To the question “which star, referred to as God’s gift to women, got his start on a television series” – the answer was Shaun Micallef. (of course)

The end game envelope was delivered by Ziggy, the world’s smallest zombie. The game was Which Generation is the Best at Being the Embodiment of Christmas, where each team had to recreate Santa’s journey; wrap presents, deliver them down a chimney and eat the treats left by the kids. Due to the poor behaviour of Gen X&Y, the Baby Boomers were awarded the trophy: the 1996 Victorian Body Building Championships 1st Prize donated by Chris Camilleri.

And that’s it for TAYG 2010. Did you enjoy it? Are you looking forward to it (possibly) returning next year?

6 thoughts to “Recap: Your Gen, November 23rd 2010”

  1. Absolutely hilarious episode – hands down, in my books, the best one this year. Right from Josh being presented the Andre Reiu biography to Shaun being God’s gift to women.

    If we see more of the derailing that went on last night, next year can only be better. I think completely abandoning the games worked in TAYG’s favour.

  2. Completely agreed. But no one got the Fanstasy Island joke right at the start, which I loved! (in the audience, anyway)

  3. He totally worked with the suit though! It’s the most handsomest I’ve seen him this year. And it reminded me of the Fantasy Traffic Island sketch that he and Francis did in Pogram.


  4. As long as Shaun’s on the telly next year I’m happy – Your Gen or no. Though I would miss the silliness and Charlie’s extraordinary powers of recall.

    “What is your ultimate..fantasy?” Hahaha!

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