Another Book Event

For anyone in Melbourne who missed the Preincarnate book event at the Wheeler Centre, you can now stop literally beating yourself up – there is another chance to see Shaun talk about his amazingly funny and intelligent book at the Sun Bookshop in Yarraville on December 9th, 6pm. It’s free, so make a booking to avoid missing out: call (03) 9689 0661.

[Edit 30/11 – The Wheeler Centre filmed the event held last week, so you can watch the video online]

6 thoughts to “Another Book Event”

  1. It’s times like these I wish I was living in Melbourne ๐Ÿ™

    Sorry to hear you missed the Brisbane signing Beth. It wasn’t that good anyways… and by the way I’m trying to make you feel better, it was awesome.

  2. This makes me so much happier that I managed to ambush the poor man on his way to Good Evening – signed copy without the effort of sitting through the dribble of a book/signing event.

    Actually, that’s just to make me feel better for missing it too. What’s the use of monthly animal sacrifices to the great God Ugugu for Shaun to arrive on Brisbane shores if I’m only going to see his show once, and nothing else?!

  3. I loved going, and I’m avoiding this one so I don’t appear like a stalker! I got in the line easily as most people were off actually purchasing a copy for signing… ???

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