Francis and Denise are Winners

Two of Shaun’s previous cohorts, Francis Greenslade and Denise Scott, are part of the cast of the new TV drama, Winners and Losers, which starts tonight. They play a married couple to one of the main leads, and are expected to provide the light relief.

The show is part of Channel 7’s desire to build on the success of Packed to the Rafters. If a good clip of them together appears online, I’ll post it, but despite how funny I’m sure they will be, I won’t be watching the show personally. 🙂

One thought to “Francis and Denise are Winners”

  1. Living in England as I do, what with all the shortages (they never got over the War)and inclement weather (interrupts the wavy things), I don’t have access to all that new fangled telly channel malarky. Could you please give me a brief overview of Francis’s performance as I am a long time devoted fan.

    Siobhan Lancaster
    Up Over

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