TAYG returning August 10th

The second part of the current series of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation begins next week. However, the programming oracles at Ten have decided on a new timeslot – Wednesdays at 8:30pm (up against the ABCs biggest rating night), rather than the previous Tuesday or Sunday 7:30 slot.

It should be a very funny series, with the first guests being Todd McKenney (BB), Dave Hughes (Gen X) and Kate Miller-Heidke (Gen Y).

2 thoughts to “TAYG returning August 10th”

  1. My sister is the biggest Kate fan, she can’t wait for this,

    and of course we can’t wait to see Shaun back. No more missing TAYG because of work either because of the later timeslot 🙂

    hopefully the later timeslot means that Shaun can be a little naughtier :p

  2. Hopefully this upcoming series of TAYG won’t contain Julian Morrow from the Chaser. being the germ he is, he ABSOLUTELY CONTAMINATED TAYG when he made his appearance early last year/late in 09. Though that’s not to say that Todd McKenney is any better.

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