The Book of Everything Ever

I forgot to mention that the Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation Book of Everything Ever is now available at all good book shops (or those still in business!). Got my copy the other day.

While Shaun’s photo (from Micallef Program days) is all over the cover, his only contribution is the forward. But it’s written by Michael Ward, who has worked as a writer on almost all of Shaun’s shows, so you’ll certainly recognise the humour – very enjoyable.

According to an old wifes’ tale, a girl who places a watermelon under her pillow will meet her future husband at the chiropractor.

On 18 April 1956, Prince Rainier of Monaco married actress Grace Kelly – but what sort of actress was she? a) A film actress, b) A stage actress, c) A television actress or d) an appalling actress

Australia is the largest producer  of Australian films in the world.

3 thoughts to “The Book of Everything Ever”

  1. The book is divided into 40 chapters/topics, each with about 10 questions for each generation. The questions are similar to the Your Gen round, so a funny one appears every now and again. Plus, there are heaps of ‘non-facts’, great photo/caption combinations and other strangeness. Not bad for about $30.

  2. I’m enjoying my tayg book. I also have the tayg board game and we’ve used up most of the question cards so now can use the book for playing the tayg board game 🙂

    Michael Ward’s humour and writing style is really good as well. Probably not quite as surreal as Shaun’s but you can see where the two would compliment eachother when they write together.

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