Recap: Your Gen, August 24th 2011

Strangely, Shaun put on his casual outfit this week, and took the teams on a strange, nonsensical ride. The guests were Simon Burke (BB), Wayne Hope (Gen X), Paris Wells (Gen Y).

The first game was Original or Sequel, but Gen X ended ahead by 1 point and Shaun didn’t want to appear to give favouritism to Wayne, so he levelled all the points back to zero. Nobody’s Business was where the teams matched the fictional business names with their Television shows. Shaun wanted to play a new game – Colonial Rule and the Legacy of European Nation States, but a phone call informed him that they had to play ‘As Quick As’ instead.

The four least remarkable members of the animal kingdom: the Jacaranda Hopping Mouse, the Aye-Aye, the Sea Cucumber and Grant Denyer.

  • The Baby Boomers decided on the mouse, playing Watch Your Mouth, with Amanda successfully gussing all of Simon’s impressions.
  • Wayne of Gen X picked Aye-Aye, a new game called HG Wells’ Time Machine.  The machine has been broken since next Thursday, so they had to hand pedal to different times and identify the year from the audio quote.
  • Gen Y chose Sea Cucumber – the hidden Trust Me. The game was Human Celery Stick, and despite Josh’s best effort, he fell into the yoghurt dip one question early. He proceeded to hug Shaun and ‘share’ the yoghurt.

After a change of clothes, the Your Gen round topic was ‘The Wonderful World of Books’. Batman and Robin delivered the end-game envelope, but it was actually Stephen Hall and Michael Ward both dressed as Robin. The game was Which Generation is Best At… Working Part Time in an Ice Cream Parlour. To add injury to insult, the teams had to wear roller skates. Shaun and his girls placed their orders and the teams had to fill them. It was the Baby Boomers who won the 1986 Mid-Week Runner-Up Ten Pin Bowling Trophy, donated by Dianne Ryan of Albury NSW.

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