Season finale for TAYG

This Sunday’s episode is the last for this season of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, after Channel Ten burnt through the remainder of the shows which were expected to run til November. (Glee has replaced TAYG on this Wednesday). The Sci Fi episode was to be the finale (hence the E.O.S. 2011 on the floor plate – End of Series), but the order has been changed.

An article in the Melbourne Weekly highlights just how popular the show is, and this has been reflected in the visits to this very website after each broadcast! Of course, long term Micallef fans would be well and truly familiar with his gems of work.

The rumor about Shaun leaving TAYG next year still circles, and while nothing lasts forever, my bet is we’ll seen Shaun tackle at least one more season next year, along with something else.

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