Recap: Your Gen, September 18th 2011

Alas, here we are at the last episode of the third season.
The guests were Lorraine Bayley (BB), Craig McLachlan (Gen X) and Jay Ryan (Gen Y). I was very jealous of Jay’s story of working with John Cleese.

First up was ‘Accessory Before the Fact’, where stars were linked with their ubiquitous accessory, like Florence Henderson and her hovercraft. This was followed by ‘What am I talking about Arnold?’ and ‘Anagrams of Calista Flockhart’ – which really needs no explanation. Did you guess James Cameron’s film CAT IN IT?

The magic window was full of things you would use to clean it: an Old Rag (a picture of Shaun as Dorothy), Vinegar, Squeegee and George Formby.

  • BB picked the Old Rag, playing What Just Happened? A clip of Shaun playing Neville Chamberlain at the signing of The Munich Agreement preceded a series of questions.
  • Gen X decided on George,  where the game was Who am I doing?
  • Gen Y chose Vinegar, which was Lost Luggage.

The Your Gen round was Chairs, and Shaun delighted in pulling a few curly ones.

A Zebra disguised as Scarlett Johansen delivered the end game envelope, which was Which Generation is Best at… Sculpting a Bust. Max Walker sat in as the guest model, and Josh admitted he didn’t get Cricket. But Gen Y won — the trophy was a Gold Ring, donated by Gollum of Gladden Fields, Middle-Earth.

One thought to “Recap: Your Gen, September 18th 2011”

  1. Hope you all come back next year….or sooner! It is a brilliant show. Only angst I have about the program is that I miss Kitty and his Ninja Turtle remarks etc. Please bring him back! Maybe he could be a guest speaker even! :
    A friend of mine suggested that perhaps you could have a non celebrity from each generation come on the show one time!
    Anyway, Happy Holidays, til next I can watch!

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