Shaun Micallef is Mad as Hell

No, not a statement of fact, but the title of Shaun’s new ABC show, announced for 2012.

The show is described as “a half-hour weekly round-up, branding, inoculation and crutching of all the important news stories”. It’s been a few years since Shaun’s been on the ABC. His show Newstopia, which will draw obvious comparisons, aired on SBS from 2007-8.

“So, what’s this show all about? A good question, if I do say so – and it’s exactly that sort of direct, no-nonsense questioning of even myself that’s going to make this show the must-see event television that’s been virtually killed off by Kyle and Jackie O’s A Night with the Stars.” says Shaun Micallef.

10 episodes will air, with dates still to be advised.

Talkin’ Bout Your Generation will still be returning to Channel 10 in 2012, with 10 episodes to be recorded and aired. Plenty of Micallef for next year!

8 thoughts to “Shaun Micallef is Mad as Hell”

  1. this is very exciting news! So many shows to look forward to. Does anyone know anything more about Shaun’s appearance on Who Do You Think You Are next year?

  2. Fantastic news. The more Shaun on our tube, the better. The ‘funnier’ white fox 😉 Will it be filmed in Melb or Sydney??

  3. No word on where it will be shot, but as Shaun lives in Melbourne, probably the ABC Studios in Gordon Street, Elsternwick – same as The Micallef Program.

  4. Why in Episode 6 did you talk about Turtles on the Galapagos Islands? Did you mean Tortoises?

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