Shaun’s podium is bare!

Shaun has put out a call for viewers to help decorate the TAYG set for Season 4:

Hello, Shaun Micallef here.

People of TAYG, I need your help. My vast and expensive collection of pop cultural ephemera, items from which are proudly displayed each week atop the TAYG podium, has been stolen.

I suspect the thief is a shadowy agent of the Dark Lord Sauron and have consequently dispatched three hobbits, a dwarf, two elves and Josh on a quest to recover the missing stuff. It is vital they succeed, for I’m not insured.

The quest, as you might guess, is extremely dangerous and will take the small band of adventurers to many strange and faraway lands where public transport infrastructure is hopeless, so getting around will be tricky.

But back to you. I’m asking you to send in to TAYG the kind of cool stuff that you’d like to see displayed on my podium: toys, daggy records, figurines, books, comics – anything that you think evokes the spirit of your generation. Drop us a line at, include a pic of your item, and if we like it, we’ll be in touch.

Thankyou for your time, my preciouses.

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