Recap: Your Gen, February 22nd 2012

The patients were already prepped and anesthetised this week, with Barry Crocker (BB), Chris Cheney from The Living End (Gen X) and comedian Felicity Ward (Gen Y). Shaun was genuinely impressed with Barry’s folio of work, and Felicity was a bit annoyed being on the cusp of Gen X, so she swapped with Chris.

First up was “Chicken or Egg”, determining which came first of two similar things. Chris and Felicity swapped back for Better Read Than Dead, a new game involving identifying the book from a paragraph from it.

The teams had to answer as many questions as possible during As Quick As, until the toast popped from the toaster.

Some lame-brain had painted the magic window shut, so the choices were from the Dulux Colour Chart: Tapestry Beige, Mauve Higgins, Garlic Suede or Andrew Bolt Curd.

BB chose Garlic Suede, which was Singing Telegram. Tim Campbell sang messages to a celebrity or couple, which the team had to identify.

Gen Y picked Tapestry Beige, playing Where In The World. Josh and Felicity had to identify TV Shows and indicate on an inflatable globe where they were set.

Gen X decided on Mauve Higgins – it was Trust Me! Human Spider was the game, and Chris was the victim. For every question he got right, he won a real spider. For every question wrong, the ingredients for an ice-cream spider were dumped on Chris. Only one question wrong, meant Chris

The Your Gen topic, strangely, was Wood. The tree from outside Boo Radley’s house presented the end game envelope, announcing the challenge as Which Generation is Best at Decorating a Panel Van.

BB won, mainly because of one symbol (but probably because of Barry), getting the 1986 Ladies Touch Footy Trophy, donated by Audra Noting Stawell.

3 thoughts to “Recap: Your Gen, February 22nd 2012”

  1. You made an error in your show, spider solitaire is still provided with Windows 7. If you don’t address this in your next show & take a dunking yourself, Mini Me & I will go back in time & constantly change your baby clothes in your closet to girly pink stuff. Won’t that mess you up. MOO,HA,HA,HA,HAGHHHH!

  2. If you go back far enough in time, harsh bold pink colours are considered more manly than the gentle cool girly blue colours. MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAeuh.

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