Shaun’s secret acting role

A few would have noticed Shaun eating bananas at various times on recent episode of TAYG. According to TV Week, Shaun is losing a bit of weight for an upcoming, secret dramatic role for Channel Ten.

Shaun says he has “a project coming up that I can’t talk about, where the person I’m acting with is stick thin, and in my normal state I’d look too big against them.” So far he’s lost 9 kg, so watch him chisel up as the season continues.

In a separate article on TV Tonight, Shaun revealed the new drama came out of an idea from himself and Jason Stephens, and will star Kat Stewart. He won’t be writing it though, preferring to concentrate on the acting side. Shooting looks like running from late August up until the end of the year, making 2012 another busy one for Shaun.

TV Week has guessed that the secret role is linked to a telemovie about Julian Assange. What do you think?

One thought to “Shaun’s secret acting role”

  1. Shaun loves to make jokes about Wikipedia every chance he can get so maybe. Even though I haven’t heard much about this project, it sounds awesome and I can’t wait to see what Shaun will bring to straight acting.

    Some people on the TV Tonight site seem a bit critical of Shaun’s acting skills but I think it is something he could really do well.

    I’m loving that Shaun has so many projects on the go this year, means a lot of good quality entertainment for a change!

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