Who does Shaun think he is?

Shaun certainly wants to know, and we’ll find out soon with the season 4 première episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

Delving into a family past he was never told much about, Shaun goes to Turkey to discover that his great-great-great-grandfather on his mother’s side had a brush with one of the most famous women of the 18th Century, Florence Nightingale.

But it’s the things he learns about his father’s family, originating from Malta, which are the most surprising and bring his relationship to his father to a new level.

In some unaired information, Shaun also found that part of his family tree ended up in Perth. He great, great, great-grandfather had seen out his last years in Perth, when the colony of WA was only 50 years old.

The episode airs Tuesday March 27th at 7:30pm on SBS.

6 thoughts to “Who does Shaun think he is?”

  1. Hello Shaun,
    I watched your who do you think you are to night.I was born in Valletta in 1938,like your father I can remember the dog fights, the shelters, mum giving us a piece of bread and telling us to look after it all day because that’s all we had, the scabies and the ruins. I came to Oz in 1955,since then u reared a family of four and had 10 grandchildren. I also returned to school and am a Post Graduate in Social sciences La Trobe.We tried hard to find our family tree but we never succeeded.I am visiting Malta again in may, will try again.Please reply if you want other info.Cheers.

  2. just finish watching your episode on who do you think you are and i think we might have the same family connections i was looking thru some paperwork my aunty gave me and my great grandmother name was Mary or Maria Aquilina who was from gharghur Malta who married my great grandfather Bartholomew or Albert Tonna my Maltese family name is Gatt but I’m half aboriginal and half Maltese born and raised in N.S.W My name is Jodie Gatt from Lithgow it was really interesting watching your show cause i always go on line trying to find any information on my maltese side of family as my father died when i was 5

  3. Shaun,

    The shot of the Spitfire that was shown really struck me, because there’s a possibility it may have been my uncle in the cockpit. I’m Canadian, and my Uncle Jerry was an RCAF volunteer on Malta in October/42. Some of his story is at http://www.jerrybilling.com and more is in a book on his experiences that he wrote years ago. Strangely, I just ordered six (for my kids) from his son earlier today, who reportedly has the remainders. If your dad wants a seventh from the point of view of the guys that were up there in the planes I’m sure I can get another…

  4. Very much enjoyed watching this heartfelt episode tonight. Thank you for sharing a piece of your family history Mr Micallef.

  5. Hi, I am a Marlon Apap from Qormi, Malta, and I am a big friend of you cousin Mariano Micallef, I enjoyed very much seeing your DVD with Mariano.

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