Recap: Your Gen, March 7th 2012

In a show many writers have described in the programme listing, the teams were joined by Rachel Berger (BB), Craig Lowndes (Gen X) and Katlin Stacey (Gen Y). Shaun was challenged on his lack of circumcision, so he promised a new bris segment.

First up was Ad-hoc, and even though we’re subjected to them all time, only one frame from each ad was shown and the teams had to guess them. A new game was Vita Alla Voce, identifying the voice actor from the cartoon character. Josh didn’t know who Mel Blanc was!

The teams donned their googles for As Quick As, and this time, Shaun set the toaster to raisin toast mode, so the round was even quicker!

The magic window buttons were Amanda, Charlie, Josh (actually a photo of Angela Lansbury) and Shaun (actually a photo of George Clooney).

  • BB picked Charlie, which was Who am I doing? Rachel acted out the lines for Amanda to guess.
  • Gen Y chose Amanda,  What Just Happened? The clip was from Pulp Fiction – actually it was Shaun as Christopher Walken’s character giving the watch to the younger version of Bruce Willis’s character, played by Francis Greenslade.
  • Gen X decided on Josh over Shaun, playing Who’s Your Mummy. A mummified celebrity had to be identified with yes and no questions. It was Gen Y who guessed right – Shane Jacobson.

The Your Gen topic was Soap! For the final round, was Which Generation is Best at… Origami. No team really succeeded with the large paper folding, so the Baby Boomers won due to Amanda’s thinking chimp impersonation. They won the Golden Dunlop Volley Trophy donated by Gerrard Fouvrelle and Sunny Munn.

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