Recap: Your Gen, March 21st 2012

Rather than anything special, it was just a regular old show tonight (in Shaun’s words) with Maggie Kirkpatrick, Dave O’Neil and Ella Hooper joining the teams as guests.

First game up was Franken-Face, which just like Cannibal Celebrity Masterchef, involved parts of celebrities. Taking a leaf out of the old Spicks and Specks book was ‘Look What They’ve Done To My Album Cover’, where part of the album cover was changed. For As Quick As, the trusty toaster came out again.

The magic window buttons were all people who look like Julia Gillard: Tilda Swinton, Endora from Bewitched, David Bowie and Roy Orbison.

  • Gen X chose Tilda – playing 7 Degrees. In the end, they didn’t have to move anything, just identify the links between the actors.
  • Gen Y decided on Roy which was HG Wells’ Time Machine.
  • BB went for Endora, and the game was Name That Tune. All the tunes were solos from songs.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and were the topic for the Your Gen round.
For end game, they decided ‘Which Generation is Best at Preparing a Horse for Dressage.’ Despite putting lipstick on her team’s horse and an un-elegant mount, Amanda (and Maggie) won the 2011 MVP Scarborough Sharks Mixed Netball trophy, donated by Simon Caruana.

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