Shaun’s Logie speech

Obviously, Shaun won a silver Logie this year for most popular presenter – and he very much deserved it! Sure, it wasn’t the Gold, but when the winner is a soapie star, what chance does real talent have?

I believe this is his first individual Logie; previous wins were for the legendary Micallef Prog(r)am(me).

If you haven’t seen his speech, you should be ashamed. Then you should watch it on YouTube (or is it Sir Laurence Olivier’s speech?!) 🙂

One thought to “Shaun’s Logie speech”

  1. I think Shaun (quite rightly) pointed out that Ray Meagher would win based on longetivity alone – he also pointed out that the cutaway shot from the gold winner would always indicate who was second in line, and lo behold, it’s Micallef. Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

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