Brain Eisteddfod starts July 20

We now know that Shaun Micallef’s Brain Eisteddfod will premiere on July 20 on Channel 10 (and all the associated catch-up locations) at 7:30pm.

The new quiz show is a blend of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and the old University Challenge style shows, with teams of Year 11 High School students pitted against each other to determine who has the biggest brains.

Shaun wanted to feature Year 11 students because he felt they were under-represented on TV, and jumped at the chance to demonstrate that ‘intelligent life’ exists on the planet.

It’s expected to be a little less zany than TAYG, but still with a good dose of Shaun’s humour. See the preview below:

8 thoughts to “Brain Eisteddfod starts July 20”

  1. How does Shaun know that Piggy Edwards in Lord of the Flies was from Camberley, (Surrey UK)? My husband Richard from Camberley was in the Scouts with him in the early 1960’s. Enjoyed the new show,

  2. Love Shauns’ work, always been a fan but, on the first episode he asked a question regarding 3 matches in an equilateral triangle; The question was “can one match be moved to make a square?”. The answer he gave said no, don’t be stupid. I beg to differ, if the top right match was moved from the 60 degree to a vertical position with the top of the match remaining at the apex, you would now have the number 4, 4 is the square of 2. Therefore, you can move one match to make a square.

  3. Hey Shaun…great show! There was a question in your first episode that went something like this; ‘Are the majority of the world’s reptiles warm-blooded or cold-blooded?’ The student answered, “cold-blooded” and were awarded points. Reptiles are not cold-blooded. They’re also not vampires. They are ectothermic! Spread the word…!

  4. I enjoy this show but in each episode so far, when a team has a question wrong, Shaun has provided the answer without giving the other team the chance to answer. This occurred in brackets where they were offered the chance to answer – usually yes, but one question a week, no.

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