Micallef with the SSO

This weekend, the Sydney Symphony is performing the music of US composer John Williams, and Shaun will be presenting it – although he promises to be ”sitting very quietly on a stool”.

John Williams is perhaps best known for composing the score for the Star Wars films, which earned him one of his five Oscars, as well as Jaws, the Harry Potter movies and Jurassic Park.

In an article with The Age/SMH, Shaun also admits he is an “acquired taste” (which makes it all the more better), always changing roles or scripts to suit himself; and reveals that the favourite of his TV show themes is “The Micallef Programme” (which makes a great ringtone).

3 thoughts to “Micallef with the SSO”

  1. we really enjoy watching shaun and hearing his witty comments…but…shaun please have your teeth cosmetically enhanced…they are sooooooooooo yucky!

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