Shaun-friend-a-palooza on The Librarians

Filming is underway on the third season of The Librarians, which has been a stand-out sitcom for the Australian ABC.

The show is full of Micallef-alumni/friends: the show is written by and stars Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope, and also stars Roz Hammond. And Tony Martin is set to direct a few episodes this season. If only Shaun had a small role, it would definitely be describable as a ‘palooza’!

Stay tuned for it later this year.

Shaun’s Logie speech

Obviously, Shaun won a silver Logie this year for most popular presenter – and he very much deserved it! Sure, it wasn’t the Gold, but when the winner is a soapie star, what chance does real talent have?

I believe this is his first individual Logie; previous wins were for the legendary Micallef Prog(r)am(me).

If you haven’t seen his speech, you should be ashamed. Then you should watch it on YouTube (or is it Sir Laurence Olivier’s speech?!) 🙂

Welcher & Welcher coming to DVD!

That hilarious sitcom written by and starring Shaun is coming to DVD! Also starring Robyn Butler and Francis Greenslade, the show was set in a law firm and followed the misadventures of Quentin Welcher.

Madman is listing the release date as June 16th with commentary by Shaun to be confirmed, so here’s hoping!

You can still find the original website for the show here.

What were your favourite moments from Welcher and Welcher? Leave a comment!

Shaun to play Lee Freedman in movie

Filming for The Cup, the story of Damien Oliver’s Melbourne Cup triumph days after his brother died in a fall, began last Monday according to the official site.

Shaun has been cast as Lee Freedman, a well known racehorse trainer, who is a long time supporter of Oliver’s.

The Cup is based on the book by Eric O’Keefe and is expected to be wrapped up by Christmas, and launched next Easter. [Ref]

Your Gen returns in August

According to The Age Green Guide (27/5/10), Talkin’ bout Your Generation will return to Channel Ten in August.

This was mentioned in an article about Charlie Pickering, who is the Gen X captain and a host of The 7pm Project. In the article, Micallef describes Pickering as “clever, fast and funny” and suggests that one day “he’ll be hosting a ‘Tonight’ show … where he can use all his talents.”

Welcome to the website

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