Ye Olde Recap: Your Gen, February 15th 2012

To be or not to be… that is… the… question? It was a Shakespeare themed episode, and Shaun was dressed as Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III).

Amanda and HG Nelson were Macbeth and Lady Macbeth (BB), Charlie and Claudia Karvan were Marc Antony and Cleopatra (Gen X) and Josh and Josh Lawson were Romeo and Romeo (Gen Y). Both Josh’s thought the other were coming as Juliet.

First up was Wil.I.Am, where the teams had to identify the movies and the Shakespeare play they were based on. In Sounds Like History, garbled versions of headlines from history had to be deciphered. (I noticed a mistake in one question – Pink Floyd reformed for Live8 in 2005, not Live Aid in 1985)

For As Quick As, the teams had to answer questions before a fencing tournament completed.

As there is much conjecture on if Shakespeare actually wrote his own plays, the four buttons were all possibles ghostwriters: Mao Zedong, Pauletta Washington, Crosby Stills Nash, and Selena Gomeza.

  • Gen Y chose Mao Zedong, which was Geilgud’s Feel Goods. Sir John read the lines from songs, for the Josh’s to guess. Shaun pointed out that due to a computer error in 1965, Video Killed The Radio Star became the national anthem of Bhutan.
  • Gen X picked Selena, playing Chronoloco Regina! Different movie versions of Queen Elizabeth had to be put in order, but when it became apparent Charlie and Claudia had no idea, the Baby Boomers stepped in.
  • The Baby Boomers decided on Pauletta. Liquidentify was the game, identifying foods from their blended version – including Sushi!

The Your Gen topic was Quills!

Finally, to prove the theory that one million monkeys using on a million typewriters would write the complete works of Shakespeare, the teams had to type the famous words from Hamlet.

And it was Gen Y who won the 2002 Hunter Region Senior Chess runner up trophy, donated by Matthew Koutnick.

Recap: Your Gen, February 8th 2012

Shaun was a bit confused this week, thinking it was Tom Cruise movie theme week. He’d even dressed up in the Marine uniform from A Few Good Men.

All of the guests were from the Young Talent Time reboot (how well cross-promoted): Johnny Young, Tina Arena, Rob Mills.

First up was Panda-Monium, with famous people replaced by a panda. Next, was Spoilers Ahoy, with a card of Harpo being used to indicate when the viewer should mute (to avoid the spoiler), and Kyle and Jackie-O when they should look away.

A new network policy prevents Shaun from singing, so they played Charlie was Wrong. A (doctored) clip of Charlie getting a question wrong was played, and a team had to get the right answer for 15 bonus points.

The four buttons were all Channel Ten “stars”: Jordy Lucas, Michelle Bridges, Yumi Stynes and Andrew Bolt.

  • Gen Y picked Michelle, playing Draw that Book
  • Gen X chose Jordy, which was What Just Happened? A clip from Harry Potter, with Shaun as Snape and Francis Greenslade as Harry, both searching for the missing invisibility cloak.
  • BB decided on Yumi, and hopped in HG Well’s Time Machine to identify audio clips from throughout history.

The Your Gen topic was Cats and Dogs! The end-game challenge was making High Tea for Shaun and his grandmother, or at least an actress pretending to be.

Gen Y were the unanimous winners with their well cut sandwiches and pikelets, getting the 1st Place Clarinet Award donated by Bethany Wright, Brisbane.

Your Gen preview

So tomorrow night is the first episode of possibly the last season of TAYG. Expect a Trust Me challenge called ‘Human Hotdog’ and also the appearance of John Cleese! – all my comedy dreams have come true, Shaun and John together!

I’ve been loving the teaser ad for this season, so I’ve uploaded it for your enjoyment, in case you missed it. It’s got Stuart the meerkat, so how can you lose?

TAYG returns next week

The fourth season of Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation is set to start on Wednesday 1st February at 8pm. (8pm? Are the Channel Ten programmers trying EVERY time slot?)

Filming for the fourth season  began a few weeks ago, and we’ve been advised it includes plenty of the madness we saw last season, and a number of new games.

The first guests are expected to be Mary Coustas, Stephen K. Amos and Jodi Gordon.

Shaun’s podium is bare!

Shaun has put out a call for viewers to help decorate the TAYG set for Season 4:

Hello, Shaun Micallef here.

People of TAYG, I need your help. My vast and expensive collection of pop cultural ephemera, items from which are proudly displayed each week atop the TAYG podium, has been stolen.

I suspect the thief is a shadowy agent of the Dark Lord Sauron and have consequently dispatched three hobbits, a dwarf, two elves and Josh on a quest to recover the missing stuff. It is vital they succeed, for I’m not insured.

The quest, as you might guess, is extremely dangerous and will take the small band of adventurers to many strange and faraway lands where public transport infrastructure is hopeless, so getting around will be tricky.

But back to you. I’m asking you to send in to TAYG the kind of cool stuff that you’d like to see displayed on my podium: toys, daggy records, figurines, books, comics – anything that you think evokes the spirit of your generation. Drop us a line at, include a pic of your item, and if we like it, we’ll be in touch.

Thankyou for your time, my preciouses.

Shaun Micallef is Mad as Hell

No, not a statement of fact, but the title of Shaun’s new ABC show, announced for 2012.

The show is described as “a half-hour weekly round-up, branding, inoculation and crutching of all the important news stories”. It’s been a few years since Shaun’s been on the ABC. His show Newstopia, which will draw obvious comparisons, aired on SBS from 2007-8.

“So, what’s this show all about? A good question, if I do say so – and it’s exactly that sort of direct, no-nonsense questioning of even myself that’s going to make this show the must-see event television that’s been virtually killed off by Kyle and Jackie O’s A Night with the Stars.” says Shaun Micallef.

10 episodes will air, with dates still to be advised.

Talkin’ Bout Your Generation will still be returning to Channel 10 in 2012, with 10 episodes to be recorded and aired. Plenty of Micallef for next year!

Shaun returning to TAYG in 2012

It’s finally been confirmed – Channel Ten have renewed Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation for 2012 and Shaun is back as host, along with the team captains: Amanda, Charlie and Josh.

There was concern about the future after the show wasn’t included in the 2012 Programming Launch, and Shaun mentioning an interest in pursuing other projects.

But lucky for us, we have a least one more season of TAYG goodness!

Recap: Your Gen, September 18th 2011

Alas, here we are at the last episode of the third season.
The guests were Lorraine Bayley (BB), Craig McLachlan (Gen X) and Jay Ryan (Gen Y). I was very jealous of Jay’s story of working with John Cleese.

First up was ‘Accessory Before the Fact’, where stars were linked with their ubiquitous accessory, like Florence Henderson and her hovercraft. This was followed by ‘What am I talking about Arnold?’ and ‘Anagrams of Calista Flockhart’ – which really needs no explanation. Did you guess James Cameron’s film CAT IN IT?

The magic window was full of things you would use to clean it: an Old Rag (a picture of Shaun as Dorothy), Vinegar, Squeegee and George Formby.

  • BB picked the Old Rag, playing What Just Happened? A clip of Shaun playing Neville Chamberlain at the signing of The Munich Agreement preceded a series of questions.
  • Gen X decided on George,  where the game was Who am I doing?
  • Gen Y chose Vinegar, which was Lost Luggage.

The Your Gen round was Chairs, and Shaun delighted in pulling a few curly ones.

A Zebra disguised as Scarlett Johansen delivered the end game envelope, which was Which Generation is Best at… Sculpting a Bust. Max Walker sat in as the guest model, and Josh admitted he didn’t get Cricket. But Gen Y won — the trophy was a Gold Ring, donated by Gollum of Gladden Fields, Middle-Earth.

Season finale for TAYG

This Sunday’s episode is the last for this season of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, after Channel Ten burnt through the remainder of the shows which were expected to run til November. (Glee has replaced TAYG on this Wednesday). The Sci Fi episode was to be the finale (hence the E.O.S. 2011 on the floor plate – End of Series), but the order has been changed.

An article in the Melbourne Weekly highlights just how popular the show is, and this has been reflected in the visits to this very website after each broadcast! Of course, long term Micallef fans would be well and truly familiar with his gems of work.

The rumor about Shaun leaving TAYG next year still circles, and while nothing lasts forever, my bet is we’ll seen Shaun tackle at least one more season next year, along with something else.