Recap: Your Gen, March 21st 2012

Rather than anything special, it was just a regular old show tonight (in Shaun’s words) with Maggie Kirkpatrick, Dave O’Neil and Ella Hooper joining the teams as guests.

First game up was Franken-Face, which just like Cannibal Celebrity Masterchef, involved parts of celebrities. Taking a leaf out of the old Spicks and Specks book was ‘Look What They’ve Done To My Album Cover’, where part of the album cover was changed. For As Quick As, the trusty toaster came out again.

The magic window buttons were all people who look like Julia Gillard: Tilda Swinton, Endora from Bewitched, David Bowie and Roy Orbison.

  • Gen X chose Tilda – playing 7 Degrees. In the end, they didn’t have to move anything, just identify the links between the actors.
  • Gen Y decided on Roy which was HG Wells’ Time Machine.
  • BB went for Endora, and the game was Name That Tune. All the tunes were solos from songs.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and were the topic for the Your Gen round.
For end game, they decided ‘Which Generation is Best at Preparing a Horse for Dressage.’ Despite putting lipstick on her team’s horse and an un-elegant mount, Amanda (and Maggie) won the 2011 MVP Scarborough Sharks Mixed Netball trophy, donated by Simon Caruana.

TAYG Season 4 wraps up this week

Channel Ten have again decided to play with the TAYG schedule and run the final two episodes of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation in one week – this week.

On Wednesday at 8pm, the teams are joined by Deborah Hutton, Matt Lucas and Christie Whelan for the ‘Gone With The Wind’ Special, which was originally designated as the season finale.

At 7:30pm Thursday, Ten will air what could be the final episode, with Carl Cox, Bob Franklin and Veronic Milsom all as special guests.

Recap: Your Gen, March 14th 2012

This week the pre-intro scene made a comeback, with Shaun asking who had the quickest draw in Hollywood while dressed as a doctor – obviously!

It was all about the wild west this week, with the teams, set and Shaun all dressed the part. Shaun was not sure who he was, but Yul Brynner from The Magnificent Seven was the best guess. At least we now know how Shaun looks bald!

The teams were Calamity Jane and John Wayne for the BB (Amanda and Matt Preston), The Man with No Name and Lili von Shtupp/Madeline Kahn for Gen X (Charlie and Kate Langebrook) and the Milky Bar Kid and Seth Bullock as Gen Y (Josh and Josh Earl)

First up was Howdy Partner! Every successful person had a loyal partner which the teams had to guess, but in Shaun’s case, Stuart the Meercat had quit. In Nobody’s Business, the aim was to determine the TV show from the fictional business. Toasting bread was too modern, so toasting flapjacks was used instead as a timer in ‘As Quick As’.

In the magic window, the choices were all horses from the wild west:

  • BB chose Silver, which was Quick, Draw. As the wild west didn’t have modern things like movies and books (?!), Matt drew musical artists.
  • Gen X chose Lionel, playing Liquidentify – which was a disgusting as it sounds.
  • Gen Y picked Tornado – and it was Trust Me! The ‘torture’ was Chuckwagon Pillory, and Josh Thomas was ‘lashed’ to the wheel. Every question was answered wrong, so Josh got baked-beaned, chillied and coffeed. But there was no ‘Super Flying Power Turtle’.

The Your Gen topic was Hats! Finally, the end game was ‘Which Generation Is Best At… Finding a Needle in a Haystack’. It almost looked hopeless, but Josh Thomas found one eventually, winning the 1987 Worst Score Par 3 Licolla Classic, donated by Robert Tobias.

Shaun to present at the 2012 Logies

Shaun will be one of the presenters at this year’s Australian Television awards night, the Logies. Most likely it will be presenting one or two awards, like he has in the last few years, rather than full hosting duties like in 2001.

The bad news is Shaun himself is not up for any awards, and TAYG is only up for one – Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program.

The awards will be on April 15.

Recap: Your Gen, March 7th 2012

In a show many writers have described in the programme listing, the teams were joined by Rachel Berger (BB), Craig Lowndes (Gen X) and Katlin Stacey (Gen Y). Shaun was challenged on his lack of circumcision, so he promised a new bris segment.

First up was Ad-hoc, and even though we’re subjected to them all time, only one frame from each ad was shown and the teams had to guess them. A new game was Vita Alla Voce, identifying the voice actor from the cartoon character. Josh didn’t know who Mel Blanc was!

The teams donned their googles for As Quick As, and this time, Shaun set the toaster to raisin toast mode, so the round was even quicker!

The magic window buttons were Amanda, Charlie, Josh (actually a photo of Angela Lansbury) and Shaun (actually a photo of George Clooney).

  • BB picked Charlie, which was Who am I doing? Rachel acted out the lines for Amanda to guess.
  • Gen Y chose Amanda,  What Just Happened? The clip was from Pulp Fiction – actually it was Shaun as Christopher Walken’s character giving the watch to the younger version of Bruce Willis’s character, played by Francis Greenslade.
  • Gen X decided on Josh over Shaun, playing Who’s Your Mummy. A mummified celebrity had to be identified with yes and no questions. It was Gen Y who guessed right – Shane Jacobson.

The Your Gen topic was Soap! For the final round, was Which Generation is Best at… Origami. No team really succeeded with the large paper folding, so the Baby Boomers won due to Amanda’s thinking chimp impersonation. They won the Golden Dunlop Volley Trophy donated by Gerrard Fouvrelle and Sunny Munn.

Preview of TAYG season finale

Production has wrapped for TAYG 2012, and there’s only four episodes left to air – but the season finale is a doosy.

Matt Lucas will join the Gen X team in the last episode, which is themed “Gone with the Wind”. Matt actually changed his schedule to be on the show, despite having never seen an episode! He is, however, a big admirer of Shaun’s, ever since seeing The Micallef P(r)ogram(me).

Charlie was quoted by TV Tonight as he was thrilled to have Matt on the show and on his team. “I’ve been very lucky with quite a few familiar faces in the old Gen X seat,” he said.

Recap: Your Gen, February 22nd 2012

The patients were already prepped and anesthetised this week, with Barry Crocker (BB), Chris Cheney from The Living End (Gen X) and comedian Felicity Ward (Gen Y). Shaun was genuinely impressed with Barry’s folio of work, and Felicity was a bit annoyed being on the cusp of Gen X, so she swapped with Chris.

First up was “Chicken or Egg”, determining which came first of two similar things. Chris and Felicity swapped back for Better Read Than Dead, a new game involving identifying the book from a paragraph from it.

The teams had to answer as many questions as possible during As Quick As, until the toast popped from the toaster.

Some lame-brain had painted the magic window shut, so the choices were from the Dulux Colour Chart: Tapestry Beige, Mauve Higgins, Garlic Suede or Andrew Bolt Curd.

BB chose Garlic Suede, which was Singing Telegram. Tim Campbell sang messages to a celebrity or couple, which the team had to identify.

Gen Y picked Tapestry Beige, playing Where In The World. Josh and Felicity had to identify TV Shows and indicate on an inflatable globe where they were set.

Gen X decided on Mauve Higgins – it was Trust Me! Human Spider was the game, and Chris was the victim. For every question he got right, he won a real spider. For every question wrong, the ingredients for an ice-cream spider were dumped on Chris. Only one question wrong, meant Chris

The Your Gen topic, strangely, was Wood. The tree from outside Boo Radley’s house presented the end game envelope, announcing the challenge as Which Generation is Best at Decorating a Panel Van.

BB won, mainly because of one symbol (but probably because of Barry), getting the 1986 Ladies Touch Footy Trophy, donated by Audra Noting Stawell.

Ye Olde Recap: Your Gen, February 15th 2012

To be or not to be… that is… the… question? It was a Shakespeare themed episode, and Shaun was dressed as Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III).

Amanda and HG Nelson were Macbeth and Lady Macbeth (BB), Charlie and Claudia Karvan were Marc Antony and Cleopatra (Gen X) and Josh and Josh Lawson were Romeo and Romeo (Gen Y). Both Josh’s thought the other were coming as Juliet.

First up was Wil.I.Am, where the teams had to identify the movies and the Shakespeare play they were based on. In Sounds Like History, garbled versions of headlines from history had to be deciphered. (I noticed a mistake in one question – Pink Floyd reformed for Live8 in 2005, not Live Aid in 1985)

For As Quick As, the teams had to answer questions before a fencing tournament completed.

As there is much conjecture on if Shakespeare actually wrote his own plays, the four buttons were all possibles ghostwriters: Mao Zedong, Pauletta Washington, Crosby Stills Nash, and Selena Gomeza.

  • Gen Y chose Mao Zedong, which was Geilgud’s Feel Goods. Sir John read the lines from songs, for the Josh’s to guess. Shaun pointed out that due to a computer error in 1965, Video Killed The Radio Star became the national anthem of Bhutan.
  • Gen X picked Selena, playing Chronoloco Regina! Different movie versions of Queen Elizabeth had to be put in order, but when it became apparent Charlie and Claudia had no idea, the Baby Boomers stepped in.
  • The Baby Boomers decided on Pauletta. Liquidentify was the game, identifying foods from their blended version – including Sushi!

The Your Gen topic was Quills!

Finally, to prove the theory that one million monkeys using on a million typewriters would write the complete works of Shakespeare, the teams had to type the famous words from Hamlet.

And it was Gen Y who won the 2002 Hunter Region Senior Chess runner up trophy, donated by Matthew Koutnick.

Recap: Your Gen, February 8th 2012

Shaun was a bit confused this week, thinking it was Tom Cruise movie theme week. He’d even dressed up in the Marine uniform from A Few Good Men.

All of the guests were from the Young Talent Time reboot (how well cross-promoted): Johnny Young, Tina Arena, Rob Mills.

First up was Panda-Monium, with famous people replaced by a panda. Next, was Spoilers Ahoy, with a card of Harpo being used to indicate when the viewer should mute (to avoid the spoiler), and Kyle and Jackie-O when they should look away.

A new network policy prevents Shaun from singing, so they played Charlie was Wrong. A (doctored) clip of Charlie getting a question wrong was played, and a team had to get the right answer for 15 bonus points.

The four buttons were all Channel Ten “stars”: Jordy Lucas, Michelle Bridges, Yumi Stynes and Andrew Bolt.

  • Gen Y picked Michelle, playing Draw that Book
  • Gen X chose Jordy, which was What Just Happened? A clip from Harry Potter, with Shaun as Snape and Francis Greenslade as Harry, both searching for the missing invisibility cloak.
  • BB decided on Yumi, and hopped in HG Well’s Time Machine to identify audio clips from throughout history.

The Your Gen topic was Cats and Dogs! The end-game challenge was making High Tea for Shaun and his grandmother, or at least an actress pretending to be.

Gen Y were the unanimous winners with their well cut sandwiches and pikelets, getting the 1st Place Clarinet Award donated by Bethany Wright, Brisbane.

Your Gen preview

So tomorrow night is the first episode of possibly the last season of TAYG. Expect a Trust Me challenge called ‘Human Hotdog’ and also the appearance of John Cleese! – all my comedy dreams have come true, Shaun and John together!

I’ve been loving the teaser ad for this season, so I’ve uploaded it for your enjoyment, in case you missed it. It’s got Stuart the meerkat, so how can you lose?